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Site is up and completed...
Ok, site should be fully functional and ready for use. If there are any problems please use the contact us link to let me know... I will get this fixed as soon as possible. Also, need directions? Look at the Map To Location link for more info...
Getting ready...
Getting the menu setup and put together. Also trying to get invitations done so they will be ready to send out around Christmas.

Adam & Vanna's Sou Kwan

We are dreamers, believers, sinners, and saints. We are lovers, haters, flirters, we participate. I am the other, she is the same, but we are only one name. She is calm, cool, collected, and I am lame. I am a nerd, a geek yet I seek, to be heard. She is excitable, I impulsive, we are not lonesome, but oh so volatile. We are emotional, I am sensitive, she is expressive, yet we are both meaningful. We live, die, hope and give. Heart and soul, we forgive. We exist as one love.

Reception Menu
Here is a list of the menu items we will have at our reception and a description of what they are. Because some are not American...
Reception Menu  

Pics and Video
Want to know what a Sou Kwan is and how it works? Here a some pics and a video you can watch to help you understand.
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